Winter Run 02

My winter’s second run!

I like the sound of it — winter runs. By the time I was back from from 30-minutes-run yesterday, I was sweating but my face was like a cold flat ice surface! It was fun, as I did not feel any cold outside while I was running and the moment I was inside the warm house, it was evident that my face was way too cold! But not my legs, arms or palms as I dressed in layers and wore gloves — the gloves were so good that I observed my palms were sweating too while I was running and I think, having sweaty palms was the first time in my life — the gloves were quite warm.

I will go for another 30 minutes run today, before evening and, that will be my Winter Run 02!

My Winter Running Diary Run 01.

I should keep the my running log.


Let me try.

Today it snowed. Did I say something about my running log?¬† Yes, I did, but then, it is true that it also snowed today — in December! Nice.

Today, a 30 minute normal easy run is what I have planned and you know what I am very very hungry right now and it is getting dark and it is getting very cold outside — no more snowy though, sun was out! — and you know what my weight had also reduced and why?! Why should I run after all ūüėČ I am feeling light already ūüėČ

Okay, I am joking, I could do better.¬†Alright, let us say, let me run for the sake of keeping the winter logbook alive ūüėČ

Alright, some stretching and I am on my way!

Let me run!

66 Kgs


What I have observed is that when I write that I run, I run and, when I don’t, I don’t.

This half of the year of 2017 is gone. Gone just like that! And I don’t know why I did not run. Half of the year is gone! The summer is gone, what the hell! Why I did not run?

In my defense, I had the gym membership and I spent few hours in a week at gym with group exercises. I found them good, I was going quite regularly and sweating a good amount. But then, I don’t know where did I rail off really, I am back to 65 kilograms!

My average normal weight is 58 kilograms, plus or minus 1-2 kgs depending on whether I weigh myself when my stomach is full or empty!

Now that, I think, when I was running last year, in the summer and the fall, the lowest weight that I read was 62 kgs. And, hey, what in the god’s name am I now 65-66 kgs! How did that happen?

Even then, with my continuous runs, I didn’t reach back to my normal weight, that is true. But then, the slope was declining. Had I continued the same, it might further have reduced. Okay, or it might not further diminished, that is an option as well, but what is important here is that while I used to run, my weight never increased. It only decreased.

Now, I am weighing 4 kgs more than my lowest weight during the runs last year and I am 8 kgs away from my normal weight.

I am not making an argument that runs are better than the use of gym. Both could be beneficial if done and used rightly, regularly, but it is true that my gym membership gave me the pseudo confidence somehow. That’s what I do not like. It is not real. The data shows me clearly that the confidence is unreal. My weight has increased!

My confidence in my capability to keep myself fit is unreal.

And, as I think more, I have to keep myself strong and fit. For real.

I liked the running better than the random exercises in the gym and most of the time, when I ran, it also gave me the solitude that my mind required here and there. That was a plus. And, I did not have to subscribe to any gym, it came free. I just had to run.

But the catch was that I had knee pain. And the first time I got the knee pain was coming due to the running.

That was actually the reason to stop running and to do the random exercises in the gym rather.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t liked the time it took me to go to the gym (I could complete my day-run using the same time rather).

Knee Injury. I don’t like it. It limits my capacity of doing things. But you know what, I just have to carefully configure something out. Getting overweight is neither helping my knee nor me. So. There.

Here I am. Back to my dairy of running.

This dairy helps me to think in that direction. This helps me to keep me disciplined. This helps me make proper schedules and thus keep me fit! I thank you, you and you and you, for reading it. It might resonate with your runs, thoughts or not at all, but then, just read it for fun! And, run! Please do your runs, I will be thankful if you run too!

I might not run to start with you know. I might just do cycling and be easy on my knee. And, focus on what I eat.

And, then perhaps. After sometime.

I intend to run.

And for a change..

.. I drank a cup of tea in the morning today!

It is different. Very.

I am in fact now waiting to drink my coffee! There there. See, how the habits develop. Once they do, and if you like it too, it is very hard to change it then. That is why they are called habits aren’t they?

So, luring myself with a cup of coffee to wake up early in the morning seems to work!

Possibility of success

The possibility of success brings more successful attitude. And, the successful attitude brings the success. Something like — you know that behind the silver lining there exists the sun and there is a possibility of getting the sunshine! Something like that! So be it.

It is my third early morning with, morning cup of coffee with me. And, the taste of the coffee is so good.

As are the days. Yesterday somewhat intentionally woke up two hour late than 5 in the morning — yet it was good, the momentum of the first day pulled me to do the similar things — ¬†and, today I am up at half past five.

I did not use any alarm clock. I thought I should listen to my body and trust it as I would sleep as much as it is required. Yes, it is easy to say once after I am awake at more or less the time that wanted to wake up. But then, it is true. This time, I do not want to push myself with some sort of perfectionist values or with rigid rules.

It is just my job to observe myself, with a complete undivided attention — moment by moment. It is hard too, but more meaningful and it gets easier once I get a hang of it, start cultivating it within me, I think — and moreover the sense of freedom I perceive is more in this approach.

Birds are chirping outside and I don’t know what they do in such an early morning! I drink a cup of hot coffee. A hot cup of coffee, yummy and tasty it is. Hey, they sing¬†so gaily! It is so melodious really. They don’t know that I am listening to their chorus and they don’t know perhaps I’m drinking a hot cup of coffee and I do not know why they are singing ;). So we are somewhat even!

Wikipedia tells me that the first Sunday in the month of May is celebrated as international down chorus day where everybody are encouraged to wake up early in the morning to listen to birds singing! I wonder what would that be in Australia — I don’t think that that is spring there then he?, but then do the birds chirp in the autumn as well?

Anyway, easy tiger!

Let me plan my day as I already have listened to the world for few minutes and continued reading the funny play by Oscar Wilde — first thing in the morning! — and breathe!



Beat the Second day Blues!

Simple. Skip it ;). Without loosing the big picture of the long run, though.

That is what I did today, anyway. I skipped it. Yesterday was such a complete day for me — I was totally¬†tired though and slept like a baby. And, I slept two more hours in the morning and skipped or precisely, have missed the 5 o’clock waking up. This was somewhat intentional to stop the breaking down of me within three-four days of starting to develop this new habit.

That is okay, I think. Not aiming for perfection. And, I think, that is impractical and not possible too. I need to listen to my body as well not just to my ambitious mind alone.

The first day is¬†really hard. It is like picking up the speed from zero. And, you feel awesome. Well, at least I felt so ;). By¬†the end of the day I was almost exhausted — but happily. I have done all the things that sometime I could not complete in a week — I might be exaggerating a bit, but the point is that I could do more and feel proud about it.

Planning and focusing on the day in the early morning with a relaxed non excited attitude helped a lot I guess. Somehow the structure of the day was taken care of. And, more importantly, focusing only on the things planned, made me so efficient and productive as opposed focusing on everywhere and striving to do more and moreРwhich is the definition of not-having-the-focus in fact. And, it is so funny really that how could I really do more without striving more, on the contrary with a non striving attitude! Thanks to Jon Kobat Zinn.

Anyway, I never have met Jon Kobat Zinn, but once few years ago, a wise man, an academic had said to me that I needed to focus more. Focus, you are there, but not quite — those were his words. I comprehend it better now, I think.

Focus. By focusing on less, do more. That is the definition of focus. Focus on one thing — till my focus shifts to an other thing perhaps, give the complete attention. One thing at a time with your mind and heart into it. The joy of perception changes and so does the result.


Where There is a Will..

.. there is a way.

Do I have the will to wake up in the early mornings? Yes, I do. Very much in fact.

It is such a beautiful elegance every time I do. No hurry, no hustle and bustle of the day. It is peacefully calm and offers the charm of slowing down and my own time. Just for myself!

How do I want to spend it? Let me see.

I listen to the chirping of the birds outside as I type this — yeah, the spring is in the air, and out they are already, probably their days have started already the sound of chirp chirp chirpy songs outside is quite intense . I listen to the rain drops — where is it coming from really, looks like the rain has already stopped — but from somewhere where the heavy drops from the top surface are still finding their way to the ground apparently. And, hey it started again — I like the sound of it.

So, let me plan my day today listening to the sound of the rain, and hey, before that I would like to read for five minutes. Or ten it was perhaps. The Importance of Being Earnest
A Trivial Comedy for Serious People! I got it from the project gutenberg’s pages. I wanted a random good book. I liked it so far, hey, I will tell you when I complete it, whether I really liked it!

So, where am I ? Alright, exactly at a point where I lost focus and jumped to the reading so spontaneously. Is it good, or bad? Who am I to judge? I got this time for myself, if I like to read, I read. If I like to dance, I dance. If I like to sing, I sing. Hey come to think of it, I have saved it somewhere in my drafts about the six minutes rituals in the morning. Why not should I try it — just before I finish writing this and go ahead with my planning of the day?

Alright, not so much of a fun — something like — when I wanted a cup of coffee, I was offered a cup of tea! Well. Good then.

To wrap up:

  • Feeling proud for waking¬†up at 5 in the morning.
  • Listened to the world news 5 minutes with my coffee.
  • Listened to the sounds of nature.
  • I Wrote and Read.
  • Meditated for a minute.

That is it.

I will plan for the day and that’s it? Apparently, that is it. Hey hey hey, cultivate the non-striving attitude. Live in the present with a beginners mind as Jon Kobat Zinn says!

Okay, let it go!



And here I am, all over again!

This is my very first post. Yet again!

Why¬†have I started this blog — is to write every single day in the morning. No. That is not actually true. To wake up every single morning — early. To drink an awesome cup of coffee and to write and plan my day and the future so to say.

To develop some habits that I have always dreamed of without any success so far.

To get the focus.